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MAGnify 2020: “Without trust advertising has no future”

The title of this post is a strong statement from Keith Weed, former CMCO Unilever. He continues: “A brand without trust is simply a product and advertising without trust is simply noise”. And he has a point, as Deniz Sariyildiz, Director Creative & Media Effectiveness at Kantar, demonstrates in her MAGnify 2020 speech about the changing media landscape.

Read our interview with Deniz Sariyildiz here

In this part of the presentation Deniz Sariyildiz shows proof of the influence of context on advertising effectiveness: the best context is not always the one you expect! Digital channels offer immense opportunities for advertising although 54% of respondents in Kantar’s DIMENSION research find targeted ads intrusive. Watch it all in the video below!

We have cut the presentation by Deniz Sariyildiz (and the other speakers!) into short form videos per subject. You can access all 6 videos by Deniz here.

The other subjects of the short videos are:

«MAGnify : OOG op de Toekomst»

Bestel hier uw exemplaar van onze nieuwe uitgave ‘Oog op de toekomst’!
Met Belgische en internationale experts over de meest actuele media-onderwerpen van vandaag en morgen

The key note speeches, divided into short form video you can find here:

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