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MAGnify 2018 was MAGnificent!!

MAGnify 2018 is over! It was a morning with great speakers and a wonderfully eloquent panel! And… a very funny and entertaining host: Marcel Vanthilt. The program was aimed at refreshing the knowledge of our attending audience from advertisers, agencies and publishing houses about magazine media today and tomorrow. (See all the tweets: #MAGnify2018)

Below you will find the pictures of the day (watch the video report here).

Our gratitude goes to Juan Señor (Innovation Media Consulting Group), Steve Goodman (Group M, UK), Bruno Poyet and Benoît Bochu (Impace Mémoire) for three inspiring and informative speeches!

Discover Steve Goodman’s presentation here and Impact Mémoire’s presentation here.

Read our interviews with them:

And a big applause and thank you to our wonderful panel, led by Vanessa Sanctorum, Havas Media: Nathalie Erdmanis (AG Insurance), Mike Koedinger (Maison Moderne), Katie Pallini (Insites Consulting) and Els Thielemans (Maxus).

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