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MAGnify 2019: is the earth flat? (video)

Danny Devriendt invited media experts to discuss the media and advertising world of today at MAGnify 2019.

Some people keep believing that planet earth is flat. Even in the face of overwhelming scientific and experiential evidence, while having access to every source imaginable. Or is it because of this overload of information that the truth seems to have lost value? The revival of quality journalism after the Trump election and the Brexit give us hope: many people are searching for truth and qualitative information from trustworthy sources.

For our MAGnify 2019 sofa session we did not find anyone to defend the title statement. We found five Belgian media experts to discuss the consequences of today’s brave new world of post truth and misinformation. Specifically the consequences of these trends and developments for media, advertising and journalism.

Video guide:

  • 01,26 – Danny Devriendt explains the discussion theme: the earth is flat
  • 03,30 – Danny Devriendt: Politicians, marketeers and journalists don’t stand a chance
  • 04,15 – Eva Van Driessche: is fake news the fault of journalists?
  • 05,40 – Ruben Ceuppens: on the changes going on in digital advertising
  • 07,45 – Harry Demey: on self regulation by the creative agencies and the responsibility of the media for quality
  • 11,10 – Zoe van Gastel: on what can go wrong in cooperation with influencers and how to do it the right way
  • 14,08 – Eva Van Driessche: about the borders between editorial and commercial, native advertising, transparency and the changing cooperation with advertisers
  • 18,15 – Zoe van Gastel: the new influencers know how to work with advertisers
  • 20,08 – Ruben Ceuppens: on reach, retargeting and the importance of the quality of advertising environment
  • 22,05 – Harry Demey: on his problem with programmatic and his hopes for the future: “put the human in programmatic”
  • 24,20 – Harry Demey: if we don’t do this, (define what good advertising is) our industry will not survive
  • 25,00 – Harry Demey advises media to start without advertising money
  • 26,00 – Eva Van Driessche: influencers are in the drivers seat and in control. Trust them.
  • 27,09 – Eva Van Driessche: everyone went for reach. We now made a drastic change and we see the positive effects very quickly
  • 27,58 – Zoe van Gastel: on the responsibility of social media and possible solutions
  • 29,28 – Ruben Ceuppens: on the problems and possibilities of self regulation by (American) social media companies
  • 31,55 – Danny Devriendt: on local news and magazine brands as our best weapon in the struggle against fake news
  • 33,02 – Zoe van Gastel: on control of data and social media
  • 34,05 – Ruben Ceuppens: we need to keep talking with each other as agencies, publishers and advertisers
  • 35,05 – Harry Demey: on the role of Facebook and Google
  • 35,40 – Eva Van Driessche: about competing with the social media giants by sticking to your values and quality
  • 37,02 – Danny Devriendt concludes

Watch the video and the photos of MAGnify 2019 here

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