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MAGnify 2019: thank you!

MAGnify 2019 was a morning with great speakers and a wonderfully eloquent panel! The program was aimed at refreshing the knowledge of our attending audience from advertisers, agencies and publishing houses about magazine media today and tomorrow. (See all tweets: #MAGnify2019)

If you were there: Thank you for attending MAGnify 2019! We hope you had an interesting morning.

Watch the FR video here:

The photos:

Our gratitude goes to Jeroen Naudts (Artevelde University College), Nancy Detrixhe (MMA, Nederland), Harry Demey (LDV United) and Yves Del Frate (CSA Havas Group) for four inspiring and informative speeches!

Read our interviews with them:

And a big applause and thank you to our wonderful panel, led by Danny Devriendt, IPG Dynamic: Eva Van Driessche (Flair), Zoe Van Gastel (Native Nation), Ruben Ceuppens (Havas) and Harry Demey (LDV United).

See you for the next edition of MAGnify on October 1st 2020.

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