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MAGnify 2019: what did our speakers present on October 3rd?

At MAGnify 2019 our three international speakers presented the latest knowledge and information about magazine brands, media and advertising. Below you can find their presentations. 

Watch the video and photos of MAGnify 2019 here

Presentation by Jeroen Naudts, Arteveldehogeschool at MAGnify 2019 of their research into the state of affairs of influencer marketing in Flanders.

Presentation by Nancy Detrixhe from MMA in the Netherlands at MAGnify 2019. BIG MAG is a research by MMA and Blauw Research into the unique value of magazine brands in this digital era.

Summary of Yves Del Frate’s (Havas & CSA) presentation:Yves Del Frate summary MAGnify presentation Our previous article based on the CSA research can be found here. Other MAGnify related links:

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