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MAGnify 2020: how does context influence behaviour and value?

Roger Verdurmen, Strategy Director at DPG Media in the Netherlands, talked at MAGnify 2020 about the influence of context on our perception of normalilty, on our behaviour and on brand appreciation and message transfer in magazines and print. He builds a strong case for context planning.

The second part of Roger’s presentation goes deeper into the reasons and consequences of the influence of context. Illustrated by a Banksy auction he explains how context determines value, which makes it an important factor for brands. (Read our interview with Roger Verdurmen here)

You can access all 6 videos by Roger Verdurmen here.

The other subjects are:

  • Why is context important?
  • Credibility
  • Proof: framing, Halo-effect
  • Proof: conceptual fluency, mindset, effectieve aandacht
  • Context in daily practice


«MAGnify : un œil sur l’avenir»

Commandez ici votre exemplaire gratuit de notre nouvelle édition «MAGnify : un œil sur l’avenir» ! 
Dans cette parution, nous laissons la parole à des experts belges et internationaux sur des sujets sensibles liés aux médias, d’aujourd’hui et de demain.

Watch the MAGnify debate, part 3, about the disruptiveness of programmatic

The key note speeches and debate, divided into short form video you can find here:

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