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MAGnify 2020 Part III is now live! With Roger Verdurmen

The show must go on! You can now watch Part III of MAGnify 2020 with Roger Verdurmen, DPG Media Netherlands on!

Roger Verdurmen is Strategy Director at DPG Media in the Netherlands and responsible for Brand Studio. With 15 years of experience as a marketing communications strategist he is a likely advocate for a conceptual approach to branded content. Preferably long term, cross media and with maximum contextual relevance.

In his presentation Roger explains why content marketing is all about context. He builds his case with evidence from research human behaviour and own business cases.

Rpger Verdurmen presenting at MAGnify 2020

Watch and learn from Roger Verdurmen! (read our interviewwith him here in Dutch / here in French)

P.S. Any questions you have, please send them to They will be answered here on this website (we will notify you).

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