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MAGnify 2020: watch Part II now with Deniz Sariyildiz

You can now watch Part II of the MAGnify 2020 show with Deniz Sariyildize, Kantar on!

« Value of consumer magazines in the Media Mix »

In her presentation from the comfort of her own home, Deniz explores the roles of different media channels from a brand building perspective with a particular focus on planning the role of magazines in the media mix. She will address the big question for marketing and media professionals: do we still have tools to create quality reach?

Expect evidence based argumentation from the Director Creative & Media Effectiency at Kantar. Despite the changing media behaviour you will find that professionally edited, original content that focuses on a particular passion point shared by the brand and the reader, does not lose it’s value.

Watch and learn from Deniz Sariyildiz! (read her interview here in Dutch / here in French)

P.S. Any questions you have, please send them to They will be answered here on this website (we will notify you) and some questions will be discussed in the ‘Chair’ session on 22nd October by Danny Devriendt and his guests.

MAGnify 2020 Part I is still available for you to watch! Bernard Cools and Bruno Liesse talk about the Alpha Index here

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