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MAGnify 2020 – What is the Alpha Index?

Bernard Cools and Bruno Liesse talk about their new study about the attention for advertising. They came up with the Alpha Index, which offers the market a better picture of the impact that the various media have, inspired by a study of the same name from the French agency MY Media.

Listen to Bruno Liesse explain what the Alpha Index is exactly and why it is important for advertising and media.

We have cut the full presentation into short form videos per subject. This is the first part, What is the Alpha Index?

The other subjects are:

  • How we made our survey
  • Results of the study – Attention by media category / format
  • Results of the study – Clutter perception, Ads integration, Attention optimization
  • Key Learnings
  • Next steps

All short videos from The Alpha Index presentations of Bruno Liesse and Bernard Cools you can access here.

The other two key note speeches, divided into short form video you can find here:

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