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MAGnify 2020: why is context important for marketing?

Roger Verdurmen talked at MAGnify 2020 about the influence of context on our perception of normalilty, on our behaviour and on brand appreciation and message transfer in magazines and print.

Read our interview with Roger Verdurmen here

Verdurmen is Strategy Director at DPG Media in the Netherlands. With his experience at Brand Studio (branded content creation and strategy) and his personal interest in the research evidence he builds a strong case for context planning.

In this first part Roger explains why context is so important.

We have cut the presentation of Roger Verdurmen (and the other speakers!) into short form videos per subject.

You can access all 6 videos by Roger Verdurmen here.

The other subjects are:

  • Behaviour and value
  • Credibility
  • Proof: framing, Halo-effect
  • Proof: conceptual fluency, mindset, effectieve aandacht
  • Context in daily practice

Danny Devriendt discusses local media with his guests (part 2)

The key note speeches, divided into short form video you can find here:


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