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Ad in the picture: Medpeople, paper saving lives

Medpeople and Le Bureau in Sweden cooperated to teach people how to properly wash their hands. They made an advertisement on soap paper with instructions so people could put the lessons into practice immediately, using the paper to wash their hands.

As the saying goes: tell me and I forget; teach me and I remember; involve me and I learn. Exactly what the idea behind this advertisement is. Paper saving lives.

Watch the video here

97 procent wash their hands incorrectly

ad shows people how to wash their hands

ad made on soap paper

Medpeople video


VW and NORD DDB ad for Touareg Nightvision

VW and DDB storytelling glows in the dark

When NORD DDB was tasked with promoting the new Night Visionfeature for the VW Touareg – a thermal imaging camera designed to detect persons and animals on the road – it decided to shine a light on fauna’s plight, using a highly unusual approach. « The idea of contrasting talk of cutting-edge tech with an old-school Swedish bedtime story felt refreshingly original.”

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The resulting bittersweet children’s tale was published on the back page of the financial paper Dagens Industri Weekend. The ad is all text, save for a small illustration, and tells the story of a lonely deer who wanders perilously close to the road. So why choose a traditional format to promote an ultra-modern feature of the VW marque? NORD DDB copywriter Svante Pårup says the decision to use a children’s tale felt emotive and appropriate for the season. And what better way to deliver the message than in a format typically associated with storytelling?

« A magazine, he suggests, is about as close to a book as you can get – without being one. »

It’s hardly Hans Christian Andersen, but there is one fantastical flourish worth noting. Read the story in daylight and our doe-eyed protagonist meets an unfortunate, all-too-familiar end. Read it under cover of darkness, though, and you’re treated to a happier outcome – in glow-in-the-dark text. For VW’s execution to shine through, both in the dark and in a crowded media landscape, the ad was printed using two layers of ink: a traditional one for daylight, and a fluorescent one for night.

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Warning! New-car-smell inside

Goodby Silverstein & Partners created a bright yellow ad scented with new car smell for the company hoping that as people test-drive and buy cars, the smell of new car will trigger subconscious memories about the Liberty Mutual ad they previously saw. With smell being the sense most closely connected with memory formation, the insurance company is banking on its scented ad to jog people’s memories when considering auto insurance.

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Liberty Mutual scented ad


The agency used a print ad that would give people a Pavlovian response of sorts to catch car buyers at the moment that matters most. The copy reads “If you’re thinking about a new car, think about Liberty Mutual. We customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need.”

The ad will run in the April 28 issue of the Chicago Sun Times.

Source: The Drum

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Budweiser ad 2019 - She has it all

Ad in the picture : Budweiser, à l’occasion de la Journée internationale de la femme

Le 8 mars 2019, la Journée internationale de la femme a eu des répercussions dans le domaine de la publicité. En cette période de #metoo et de discussion continue sur la place de la femme sur le lieu de travail (de publicité et de médias), y compris l’écart salarial, de nombreuses personnes semblent vouloir profiter de l’occasion pour se présenter sous un jour favorable en ce qui concerne les droits de la femme.

Aux États-Unis, Budweiser a publié la version moderne 2019 de la publicité de 1956 ci-dessous qui indiquait que la marque ravirait plus d’époux que toute autre marque.Budweiser ad 1956 - She married two men

En 2019, Budweiser n’est plus uniquement destinée au maître des lieux. Celui-ci ne doit plus compter sur une épouse rougissante qui l’attend ou sur un réfrigérateur bien rempli quand il rentre à la maison. Ce frigo a probablement été dégarni par l’épouse et ses amies, car elles n’ont pas besoin d’un homme pour boire cette bière. Elles le font elles-mêmes.

Budweiser ad 2019 - She has it all

En 2019, selon Budweiser, il est certain que leur bière peut être appréciée par toutes et tous.

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