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Publishing during a pandemic and improve your Zoom meetings

FIPP recently published its “Publishing During a Pandemic” report (download the updated report here), looking at the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on our industry. To expand and update the document they now launched a survey from their website. You are invited to take part: let your voice be heard!

Take the ‘Publishing during a pandemic’-survey here

The first report shared insights from more than 20 representatives from national publisher associations around the world, as well as almost two dozen senior executives from international publishing businesses. Collectively they offer clear insight and knowledge of how Covid-19 is impacting publishing right now. You can download the report here. The updated report looks beyond the immediate doom and gloom to how the industry stood up to the challenge and is preparing itself for a radically different future. Download it here

How to communicate virtually

FIPP has been very active since the start of the corona lockdown with reports and a series of webinars (find all recordings here) to support and guide publishers through the crisis. The organisation continues their efforts now that many countries are starting to get back to a certain kind of normal. One webinar everyone of us can benefit from is the most recent ‘How to communicate virtually‘. Learn what the world’s best communicators do to have maximum impact, and how we can master the four elements of the perfect virtual communication. Watch the recording here.

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