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This is MAGnify 2019!

Watch the promo video for MAGnify 2019 to get an idea what awaits you on 3rd October at CC De Factorij, Zaventem.

If… you register now at! (or ask your sales contact at one of our member publishing houses about a discount)

Make sure you don’t miss the third annual Magazine Media Conference, our entertaining host Marcel Vanthilt, our three interesting speakers: Nancy Detrixhe (MMA), Yves Del Frate (Havas/CSA), Jeroen Naudts (Arteveldehogeschool) and our fascinating columnist Harry Demey.

Danny Devriendt will close MAGnify 2019. He has invited a few critical thinkers and doers from various advertising and media expertise fields to discuss the interesting theory (and ultimate conspiracy theory) that the earth is flat. Fake news or fact?

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Do you need more information before registering? Watch the video impressions from MAGnify 2018 and MAGnify 2017.

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