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To be more successful online, use print

Submitted by: Print Power 12/06/2017

Facebook print adPrint Power, the campaign that promotes the use of print in multi-channel marketing, continues to remind Europe’s top brands and agencies of its credibility and authenticity – not just for traditional companies, but increasingly for online brands.

This was seen most recently in a print advert placed in a number of daily newspapers by Facebook, offering tips on how to spot fake news.

The social media giant has been criticised for its role in the spread of false information and needed to reassure its users that it was taking action. But rather than use its own vast digital platform to inform people, it turned to print to give its message a vital degree of accuracy and trust.

This use of print by online and technology giants is now widespread, with many companies who have built their vast fortunes on digital using newspaper and magazine advertising, as well as direct mail, door drop, catalogues and outdoor, to give their brands a physical presence. Amazon, Google, Apple, LinkedIn, Expedia, and even Uber, have all used print to spread their marketing messages.

Some digital firms have gone further, publishing their own print magazines to reach an audience keen to sit back and consume the branded content at their own pace. The global room rental site Airbnb have recently partnered with Hearst Magazines to produce Airbnbmag, a travel magazine driven by trends and insights from the Airbnb community of hosts and travellers.

“Travellers around the world are constantly looking for new inspiration and insight,” said Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb. “Our community will provide the perfect lens for readers of Airbnbmag to discover the world, learn about new neighborhoods and hear great stories.”

There’s also a trend for successful websites and blogs to use their huge online presence to transfer into print success. In 2014, luxury fashion website Net a Porter launched Porter, a glossy magazine that now competes on the newsstand with Vogue and Elle with monthly sales of over 170,000. Meanwhile, Magnolia Market, a Texas farm shop featured on US reality show Fixer Upper, used their TV audience and 4.7 million Instagram followers to launch their own magazine, The Magnolia Journal, which now sells over a million copies per month.

Whether getting an important message across or using existing audiences to push their brands further, it’s clear that digital companies are understanding the power of print.

Fact: The Magnolia Journal sold 1,000,000 copies in one month.

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Source: Print Power

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