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MAGnify 2020: all speakers are live!

You can now watch all MAGnify 2020 shows on! All speakers are being introduced by Marcel Van Thilt in his incomparable way.  After the speakers you can enjoy the incredible creativeness of our StuMPA contestants from the 2020 competition.  Watch, enjoy and learn!

MAGnify Part I: Advertising Attention Alpha -All in one day?

This is not just a keynote speech by two renowned Belgian researchers (which would and should be enough to capture your attention!). But with our host Marcel Vanthilt introducing the first speakers in his incomparable way; and with a creative highlight from our last StuMPA contest at the end, we have added entertainment value. Because we are all worth it! Because we are all worth it! And we need some humour and laughter in these orange and red Fall days.

Sit back and enjoy for the first and the last part, but most of all watch and learn from Bruno Liesse and Bernard Cools! (read their interview here in Dutch / here in French)

MAGnify Part II: The changing global media landscape

In her presentation from the comfort of her own home, Deniz explores the roles of different media channels from a brand building perspective with a particular focus on planning the role of magazines in the media mix. She will address the big question for marketing and media professionals: do we still have tools to create quality reach?

Expect evidence based argumentation from the Director Creative & Media Effectiency at KantarDespite the changing media behaviour you will find that professionally edited, original content that focuses on a particular passion point shared by the brand and the reader, does not lose it’s value.

Watch and learn from Deniz Sariyildiz! (read her interview here in Dutch / here in French)

MAGnify Part III: Contentmarketing = Contextmarketing

Roger Verdurmen is Strategy Director at DPG Media in the Netherlands and responsible for Brand Studio. With 15 years of experience as a marketing communications strategist he is a likely advocate for a conceptual approach to branded content. Preferably long term, cross media and with maximum contextual relevance.

In his presentation Roger explains why content marketing is all about context. He builds his case with evidence from research human behaviour and own business cases.

Watch and learn from Roger Verdurmen! (read our interviewwith him here in Dutch / here in French)

You can read the interviews with all our speakers:
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