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MAGnify 2020: The role of different media in the mix today (Kantar)

Deniz Sariyildiz, Director Creative & Media Effectiveness at Kantar, explores the roles of different media channels from a brand building perspective. In a world of extreme digital fragmentation, do we still have tools to create quality reach? With data from a range of Kantar research sources.

Read our interview with Deniz Sariyildiz here

In this part of the presentation Deniz Sariyildiz talks about the role that different media play in the media mix zooming in specifically on the benefits of magazine media for brand campaigns:

We have cut the presentation by Deniz Sariyildiz (and the other speakers!) into short form videos per subject. In the first part Deniz talked about the changing global media landscape, the second video covers results from the COVID-19 barometer.

You can access all 6 videos by Deniz here.

The other subjects of the short videos are:

  • Receptivity and Trust
  • Influence of context
  • Key take-outs

Watch the MAGnify debate, part 3, about the disruptiveness of programmatic

The other two key note speeches, divided into short form video you can find here:

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