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FIPP Insider Webinars: how publishers turned to e-commerce and opportunities and challenges for publishers in lockdown

FIPP has launched a series of FIPP Insider Webinars. Subjects range from brand thinking and content distribution to subscriptions and ‘intentional evolution’. Wonder how brands are thinking about their marketing in a post-lockdown (or intermittently locked) world? And what this means for you? Thinking about how this new world has impacted media consumption, and what that means for the future? Wishing you could press a reset button, and build your business in the same principles some of the most innovative organisations in the world do?

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Sustainable revenue: How European premium publishers turned to e-commerce

Tuesday 19 May, 15.00 hrs Brussels time

InStyle has used e-commerce to create an award winning business model that regularly outperforms advertising and affiliate marketing. In this webinar, Tipser founder Axel Wolrath will take you through the steps of how InStyle developed their concept and how it has helped them carry through times when advertising revenues are in decline.

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Dow Jones on opportunities and challenges for publishers in lockdown

Thursday 21 May, 15.00 hrs Brussels time

The post lockdown or intermittent lockdown world will provide a blend of challenges and opportunities for media organisations. Many long-held business assumptions, strategies and product offerings will require re-evaluation and thought. Success through partnerships will also provide businesses with opportunities to evolve as ‘the new normal’ takes shape. Join FIPP President and CEO James Hewes and three senior Dow Jones executives to discuss some of the work they have been doing to adapt to the changing media landscape.

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You can find all past (recordings) and future FIPP Insider Webinars here. All video’s are also available on the FIPP YouTube channel.